Center for Peace and Conflict Studies of the University of Sierra Leone

In August 2004 WAYN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies of the University of Sierra Leone. The Center was established to help promote peace and conflict resolution in Sierra Leone and the Mano River Union. It runs a Unique Peace Program in collaboration with the University of Sierra Leone. The center shall basically be in charge of the training component of the Leadership Training Program. The West African Student Union was launched recently in Accra, Ghana as a regional organization of democratic students unions. WASU will be involved in mobilizing participants for the leadership training program.

MRU Peace Forum

The MRU Peace Forum is based in Freetown, Sierra Leone and is a civil society based movement for the MRU. The Forum has provided tremendous technical support to the work of WAYN. IN November, this partnership paid off greatly when the Peace Forum provided support to the convening of the MRU Youth Parliament and Peace Caravan. The Forum participated in the MRU Dialogue Day. WAYN also participated in the MRU Forum Management Meeting on October 4 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.


In November 2004, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between WAYN and AfroNeth, a Dutch based organization. AfroNeth Foundation was established in February 2003 by Africans living in the Netherlands who feel responsible for finding answers to the challenges facing contemporary Africa. Afroneth believes the development of Africa depends to a large extent on Africans themselves and on a new partnership between African living in Africa and abroad. It vision is to bring together Africans in the International Diaspora and Africans on the continent and to inspire a new synergy between them for the benefit of Africa. Owing largely to the partnership between the two groups, WAYN was able to attract funding from about four Dutch organizations for the MRU Peace caravan in November. WAYN further recognizes this partnership as been essential in linking up the activities of West African Youth with that of the compatriots in the Diaspora. A Delegation from Afroneth is expected to visit WAYN in the coming year to hold discussions aimed at exploring areas for future collaborations.

Youth for Peace in Africa Foundation

The Youth for Peace in Africa is an independent organization created by African Young Peace builders to mobilize and facilitate the energy of African youth organizations into positive action. The overall objective of the YPA is to enable young Africans and their organizations to contribute to the emergence and sustenance of a culture of peace at all level of their engagement for a long lasting peace in Africa. WAYN is a founding member of the YPA.

United Network of Young Peace builders - African Network of Young Peacebuilders

WAYN is also an active member of the African Network of Young Peacebuilders and UNOY Peace-builders in The Netherlands. The African Network of Young Peacebuilders was established in Franschoek, Cape Town, South Africa in 2001 by youth leaders across the continent of Africa.

United Network of Young Peace builders-Sierra Leone

United Network of Young Peace builders-Sierra Leone was established in 1989 as an affiliate of United Network of Young Peace builders Foundation and has been involved in innovative programs in the areas of peace-building and conflict resolution. United Network of Young Peace builders-SL continued to serve as an action partner of WAYN in the area of youth empowerment in Sierra Leone.

South African Youth Movement

The SADC Youth Movement is a South African based organization working with and among young people from academic institutions and the wider community within the SADC Region in empowering them to develop a vision for transformation of society and creating a better world. The Movement is presently coordinating the NEPAD Youth Summit 2005. WAYN is presently collaborating with SADC in ensuring the participation of West African youths in this event.

African Child Policy Forum

The African Child Policy forum is knowledge based policy and advocacy centre committed to the promotion and realization of child rights and welfare in Africa, The forum is a non-profit independent institution founded in 2003. It is based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and recently set up a Youth Support Unit.

Ecowas - Child Protection Unit

WAYN is an affiliate of the Child Protection Unit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and has been involved in a number of activities aimed at ensuring the involvement of young people in activities designed to ensure their participation in issues affecting their lives. WAYN is presently developing a Regional Mechanism on Child Soldiers in line with the Coalition and the Child Protection Unit of Ecowas.WAYN acts as Regional Focal Point for the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. The Coalition Secretariat, which is based in London, focuses on the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of child soldiers.



The Parliamentary Centre